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Creative, Choreographer, Executive, Artistic Producer

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With a reputation for innovation and vision for her people, Cilla Ruha is the enabling force behind our most influential Māori Music artists and kaupapa waiata in Aotearoa.
A creative, choreographer, artistic producer, female executive, fearless game-changer and kōkā of many. 
Born of the Tairāwhiti haka dynasty, Cilla Ruha has augmented her Executive space to better reflect the heart of her Māoritanga, dismantling and reframing the Music Management role into a more symbiotic relationship of the ‘Kapehu’ or the 'Creative Navigator'.
Cilla Ruha holds a Masters Degree in Mātauranga Māori, asserting Haka as an Indigenous Framework for Education. It is upon the wisdom of this framework that Cilla rose as Lead Creative Navigator and Director of InDigiNation Music; a kaupapa that lives to "immerse the world in Māori Music" and "empower Indigenous Artists to be creative forces for good" says Cilla.
A diva of disruption, Cilla Ruha curates transformational moments that elevate the mana of Māori Music to a whole new level on the world stage. Executive Producer behind the Award winning Live Visual Music Album Mōhau, Musical Co-Director for the ground-shifting Silver Scrolls performances in 2021 & 2022, Creative Navigator for Multi-Award winning artists Rob Ruha, Teeks, Kaaterama and rangatahi sensations Ka Hao, Cilla is a force to be reckoned with - if there is a new frontier to conquer, you can bet your last kina, she has already mapped a path and stacked her Kapa! 
And why wouldn’t she! With such influential haka heros as a guiding light in her life, like Sir Derek Lardelli or ‘Uncle D’, Pāpā Rikirangi Gage, and Nanny Kuini Moehau. Cilla describes their brilliance as being untouchable conduits of ‘whakatipuā' - a most unique quality of transcendence, through the living legacy of haka. 
Cilla benchmarks contribution and success in her personal and professional practice, against the might of their legacy and her kapa haka world. Girl got standards! 

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