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Te kohe tuhaka

Ngāi Tūhoe, Ngāto Porou | Actor, Director & Producer

Te Kohe Tuhaka, celebrated for his compelling role in "The Dead Lands," is not just an actor but also an emerging force in the spheres of production and directing. 


As he readies himself to delve into movie production, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing his dual prowess both on and off the camera. The actor's journey is a testament to his diverse talent and passion. 


This proud father of three intertwines personal moments with his dynamic career, often sharing cherished snapshots of family life, emphasising the importance of grounding even amidst the limelight. 


Hailing from Gisborne and the back blocks of Waiōhau in the bay, acting wasn't an immediate call. It was during a high school engagement with Miranda Harcourt that the vast realm of acting possibilities unfurled before Te Kohe. 


His traditional Māori upbringing, enriched with the rhythms of kapa haka, has profoundly shaped his artistry. Despite limited exposure to Māori actors in his formative years, Te Kohe carved his unique narrative, letting instinct and passion be his guides. 


This self-made talent, while recognized widely for his on-screen charisma, notably in "The Brokenwood Mysteries," has also ventured beyond. As a seasoned fitness trainer, Te Kohe extends his influence to the realms of health and well-being. His diverse interests are evident, once even picturing himself donning a police uniform. 


On stage, his versatility shines bright, having earned accolades from "Time Out Australia" for his riveting performance in "Michael James Manaia." Te Kohe is an embodiment of tradition, multifaceted talent, and genuine passion. He’s part of the yet-to-be released Chief of War historical drama series, alongside Jason Momoa.


As he branches out into the world of movie production, his future contributions to the world of art and entertainment promise to resonate with even greater authenticity and depth, marking him as a true luminary.

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