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Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui and Ngāti Awa
Toi Matarau / Multi-disciplinary Artist.

Graham Hoete, also known as Mr. G, is a Māori contemporary multi-disciplinary artist and designer
from Aotearoa. Graham has made a significant impact in the recognition and promotion of Māori
culture and art nationally and abroad.


Graham is passionate about navigating the spectrum between Te Ao Tawhito (Old traditional
world) and Te ao hurihuri (The current ever changing world of today) of Toi Māori and the Arts.


One of his most notable achievements is the innovative use of urban spaces as canvases for large-scale murals which incorporate traditional Māori art forms and motifs.

His murals can be found in both big cities around the world, and the small rural towns of Aotearoa. Graham's work has contributed greatly to the increased visibility of Māori art and culture on the global stage.

In addition to this work as a multi-disciplinary artist, Graham is actively involved in promoting the recognition and preservation of Māori culture. He has worked with schools and youth organisations to encourage the use of Te Reo and tikanga Māori, and has collaborated with other artists and cultural leaders to create projects that showcase Toi Māori.

Graham Hoete and his art has been widely recognised and celebrated, and he has received
numerous awards and accolades for his innovative approach to Toi Māori.

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