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Ngai Tūteauru, Ngāpuhi, Ngati Porou, Te Ātiawa.

Passionate about Māori sovereignty, Pere Huriwai-Seger co-founded the activist group and liberation project ‘Aotearoa Liberation League’, which seeks to popularise themes such as and similar to decolonisation.

Homeschooled in the Otaua Valley just west of Kaikohe, Pere nurtured his relationships with the taiao from a young age.

Using his creative strengths, he became a co-producer for the award winning documentary MILKED and was a 3x World Champion for Street Unicycling.

For seven years, Huriwai-Seger was the Community Youth Champion for the Māori health organisation Te Hau Ora O Ngāpuhi, where he took his passion into kura around the Kaikohe area. He taught tamariki and rangatahi how to unicycle, while also learning about the issues impacting whānau across the rohe.

Huriwai-Seger first entered the world of activism by joining animal rights and environmental groups, his path eventually put him on his te ao Māori journey, which is reflected in his activism.

Huriwai-Seger was a list candidate for Te Pāti Māori in the 2023 election. He has since returned to his roots in the valley, under his maunga Puhanga Tohorā, beside his awa Mangatawa. He lives in an off-grid cabin, with his wife Samah and kurī Noni.

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